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Building robust and fruitful relations

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We effectively resolve the most complex and comprehensive legal issues to the benefit of our clients: the government, state-owned companies and owners of major businesses both in Russia and elsewhere.

We strive to achieve the very best practicable results by relying on the highest professional and ethical standards, our profound engagement, all-round legal expertise and impeccable reputation.
We build reliable, deep relations both externally, with our clients, and internally, within the team. The ultimate result is trust, allowing us to understand better the specific nature and context of each project and find the most effective solution, no matter how complex, large scale or unique the subject might be. We work for those who really trust in us and in whom we trust. And we do everything we can to justify that trust.

We pay special attention in selecting those who will work with us and with our clients. This applies to absolutely all positions because people are our key intellectual resource and it is they who build our reputation.

Right from our very first days at work, a good academic base and the ability to learn and create new solutions are required from all of us. It is our associates’ capabilities and achievements that determine how quickly they develop and how high they rise in their careers.
We work on and specialise in the most complex, major and challenging projects. In addition to cross-disciplinary legal expertise, we have a real understanding of the practical specifics of the Russian administrative and business environment. This combination prompts us to create landmark solutions that effectively secure the interests of our clients. In this, we take care, during our co-operation, to make sure you understand what we are doing and how, and what the actual outcome will be.